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When police arrived they were met with a scene of chaos. Heather was motionless on the ground and William Taylor was in a serious condition, added Mr Menary. Lyon on the other hand appeared to be

Lyon was restrained by Heather's friends and was left with cuts and bruises to his face.

Lyon had been in The Turks Head pub, just around the corner from his flat, where he had been drinking with two friends, Paddy Carville and Michael Pendleton.

Puma Ignite Dual Nylon

Puma Ignite Dual Nylon

good recovery.

did not wait for that date to arrive. Instead he took matters into his ownMr Menary added: "Nothing she had done in the past or on that night remotely justified him launching an attack on her with a knife, taking this young woman's life."

They left the pub at around 2am, around half an hour after Heather and her friends had returned to her flat.

Puma Ignite Dual Nylon

music. I can't get to sleep".

Mr Menary said that Lyon told police that he had been involved in a fight with a man and only then went into his flat to get a knife. The prosecution case, he stressed, is that he already had the

It is Puma Ignite Dual Nylon alleged Lyon told a paramedic that he had "snapped" and he was going to "go down for this".

inviting people round and making considerable noise at all hours of the night".

Heather and six friends called a taxi and at around 2.40am they made their way outside. Heather, who was wearing a nightgown under a leather jacket, was the last to leave.

When they reached the end of the road they could hear music and noise and Paul Lyon erupted and called the police. The call was logged at 1.54am.

He said Miss Dyer had been served an eviction notice and ordered to leave the flat by September 25 but "sadly he (Lyon) Basket Heart Puma Online

A neighbour, Lyndsey Lever, who was in the street said that he seemed agitated and asked him what was wrong. It is alleged he replied: "I'm going to ing kill her if they don't stop playing the

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Man knifed neighbour to death over noise dispute

Earlier that night, Heather and her friends had been in the Sefton pub, on Baldwin Street to celebrate at the 21st birthday of Mr Taylor's brother, Andrew.

The court was also told Lyon stabbed her friend William Taylor, causing serious internal injuries that left him in intensive care.

Puma Ignite Dual Nylon

Puma Ignite Dual Nylon

Puma Ignite Dual Nylon

William Taylor had been stabbed twice in the stomach, but has since made a Puma Creepers On Tumblr

Mr Menary said that an argument flared up between Heather and Lyon, adding: "The defendant suddenly made a lunge at Heather and William Taylor tried to intervene. Both were stabbed by the

Puma Ignite Dual Nylon

He became so angry that Michael Pendleton took the phone and continued the conversation. However, the police told him that they would not attend, as it was a noise issue.

very calm. He was covered in blood and when approached by officers said: "I stabbed her I didn't mean to kill her. I stabbed them both, I'm sorry."

Heather was declared dead at Whiston Hospital with a fatal 5 inch deep wound in her chest deep, slicing through her heart and a major artery.

Andrew Menary QC prosecuting said the violence, which took place in the early hours of Saturday Puma Basket Metallic Sneakers

According to the prosecution, Lyon said to his friend: "I bloody hate that slut I feel like kicking the door in I feel like throwing a brick through the window."

In his opening statement, Mr Menary told the court that as the three men walked towards Chapel Street, Paul Lyon said: "I hope them lot are not bloody partying again."

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knife with him.

defendant, who was by then armed with a knife."

Mr Menary added that Lyon had made frequent complaints to the landlords, Riverside Housing about noise but their efforts to prevent anti social behaviour did not resolve the situation.

July 23 last year, followed "some months of friction" between the two neighbours over "her habit of

Puma Ignite Dual Nylon

Paul Lyon, 45, appeared at Liverpool Crown Court this week as prosecutors alleged he stabbed 22 year old Heather Dyer three times with a fish filleting knife as she left her flat on Chapel Street.

She said that one of his friends offered him a bed for the night, but he refused and they both left.

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