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the town centre, raise the profile and make sure there is a quality environment for residents and businesses.

and organisations have come up trumps.

"We haven't added so many big events this year," she continues. Puma Ignite Evoknit Women's

The 50 event 10 day festival spreads activities all over the area, with Marble Hill Park and Church Street particularly busy, and numerous businesses Puma Ignite Limitless Weeknd

Puma Creepers Shiny

She also sees herself as the link between the council, which funds the part time job, businesses and residents.

aroma lab, showing off a number of coffee flavours, from 7pm to 9pm on Wednesday.

She explains that there can be difficulties, especially with chain stores where the decision is often made above store level, but says Starbucks is a new participant this year putting on an

Pulse some of them specifically down to Esther.

festival, like the previous four, has been a long time in the planning.

Puma Creepers Shiny

"We probably start when we come back after Christmas," she says. "We just put the feelers out for what other events people will be putting on.

"We start booking things like dragon boat racing and from mid March it becomes full time festival focus."

´╗┐Manager prepares for her final festival From Richmond and Twickenham Times

Twickenham Times, and a day of activities in Church Street, including a Mad Hatter's Tea Party and pram race.

Puma Creepers Shiny

Puma Creepers Shiny

"For one person to organise we are about at capacity.

Puma Creepers Shiny

But there is more to Esther's job than the festival, and other similar events she has five key objectives: to work with community organisations, bring high quality retailers to the town, improve

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"Breakthrough Breast Cancer are doing a treasure hunt, Church Street are putting more into their street party and Marble Hill Park are more involved we are expanding some of the events.

"This is the 12th festival," she says. "It started as a Church Street event and gradually evolved.

A fun day, with fairground rides, stalls and music is on the penultimate day, with the festival closing on June 22 with other events such as the Twickenham Carnival and a blues jam at Filthy

Puma Creepers Shiny

Puma Creepers Shiny

It kicks off with a tug of war in Church Street at 6pm tonight, (Friday) tomorrow will see dragon boat racing on the river past Twickenham embankment, featuring a team from the Richmond and

McNasty's, on Sunday, a quiz night at the Cabbage Patch, on Monday, and a treasure hunt starting at the Fox, on Wednesday, filling the week.

During her four and a half years she has encouraged Transport for London to run the 281 all night and got the council to open the Arragon Road car park later and she has no doubt how important the

Puma Creepers Shiny

As I prepare to meet Esther Worboys I'm anxious that this must be the busiest time of her year, an opinion she confirms within seconds of our meeting at her Civic Centre base.

Twickenham town centre manager Esther Worboys

This is Esther's fifth festival, having become town centre manager at the end of 2003, and her last she leaves on July 11 to freelance in event management.

A look at the 32 page programme gives an indication of how many things are going on in the area over the next 10 days and gives details of a raffle to raise money for Aids charity the African

Puma Creepers Shiny

"I have tried to extend it even more out of Church Street. I started the event on Twickenham Green in 2005 and I'm still trying to encourage more businesses to put on their own events."

"We have a good team of volunteers but it needs more businesses to put on their own events."

That Twickenham's town centre manager has the time to outline what Puma Creepers Shiny is coming up in the Twickenham Festival, which begins this evening, is a testament to her organisational skills and a sign of how

Puma Creepers Shiny

We have a good team of volunteers but it needs more businesses to put on their own events.

Puma Creepers Shiny

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