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a bus and then cut in front of it.

The pickup then appeared to make contact with the back of Puma Creepers Black And Gold

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The constable went over and locked the truck, then reminded Wilson about the cab.

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Ontario Court Justice Melanie Dunn heard a pickup, travelling eastbound on Herrick Street, was observed going onto a lawn and running through a hedge at the corner of Church Street.

Wilson recorded two breath tests readings of 190 milligrams of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood

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When he activated his lights, he could see Wilson behind the wheel, Weeks said.

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The officer returned to his cruiser in the parking lot where he was writing his notes about the incident, when Wilson came to his car and said he wanted to make sure his truck was locked.

I'm happy he didn't harm himself or others on the road, Gregson said.

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his actions on the morning of Aug. 31.

was quite resistant with police again. He indicated he was not getting into the car and lunged at the officers, Weeks said.

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on Monday, another man whose bad driving caught the attention of some city workers, was fined $1,100 after he pleaded guilty to operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol level exceeding 80 milligrams of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood.

He drove his cruiser to another nearby parking lot to finish his notes.

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When police arrived, and spoke to him, he appeared to have some difficulty with his balance, and had the odour of alcohol on his breath.

Gary Yukich, 61, also was prohibited from driving for a year for Puma Basket Ice Cream

The accused had to be physically removed from the truck and put to the ground twice, before he could be placed in the cruiser.

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Wilson was taken to the city police station, but then had to be transported to the Ontario Provincial Police detachment because of problems with the breathalyser equipment.

About 25 minutes later, city workers were driving down Pim Street, just north of the railway tracks, when a Dodge Ram passed them, almost striking their vehicle, Crown Puma Basket Love White attorney Bill Johnson said.

The workers followed the truck as it turned onto Herrick, clipping a sign. They watched Yukich get out and go inside a house.

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The judge told Wilson with readings this high the Crown often asks for an $1,800 to $1,900 fine and he was getting the benefit of the joint position his lawyer Stacy Tijerina had worked out with the prosecution.

Man pays for snubbing police advice

Wilson, he soon learned, had declined the cab, and the officer saw him get into the pickup, along with another person.

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