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"She can have it both ways," said sitting judge, Timothy Lucey.

Man waits to see if ex extends his sentence

It was for one of these public order offences that he was given the five month sentence after the court heard he had four previous public order convictions in the space of a week in March 2007 for which he received a suspended sentence.

Mr Quinn said he advised the woman to contact the Gardai with this and though she said she did, Superintendant Aidan Glacken could not confirm receipt of such information.

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Basket Puma Platform

Basket Puma Platform

Basket Puma Platform

This week Mr Quinn told the court that though the injured party had been in Athlone on March 4 and had a babysitter arranged, she still didn turn up to inform the court of her stated intention to withdraw the charges.

Anthony Dolan (28 ), of Grotto View, Battery Heights, Athlone was charged with three breaches of the order and also faced 19 bench warrants for not appearing in court, two criminal damages, three public order charges, as well as one for drug possession.

Mr Quinn explained how Dolan large number of charges for failing to appear in court involved certain amount of denial hid his head in the sand and hoped it would go away, he said.

Mr Quinn explained how Dolan had recently got a contract with the Land Commission to clear and sell lumber from its lands and was on his own two feet sought a non custodial sentence for his client but Judge O disagreed and gave Dolan five months on one sample public order charge and fined him for the possession of the drugs on April 13 last.

because she can make up her mind," he said.

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"Tell your client that if the witness doesn turn up next week these [charges] will be struck out," the judge told Mr Quinn.

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Mr Quinn handed over a sum of money as compensation for the two criminal damage charges for drunkenly damaging a taxi and a jeep, and the court also heard how Dolan had been involved in a number of late night altercations on Church Street and Connacht Street.

Last week (March 4 ), Judge Eamon O heard the facts on all the other charges which stretched back to July 2007.

The prosecution sought another week to clarify Dolan former partner intentions and the judge agreed.

Mr Quinn asked for bail for Dolan.

this sentence be backdated to February 26 and postponed sentencing on the barring order breaches until March 18 to see if Dolan former partner was willing to drop the charges as claimed.

A man jailed for five months last week (March 4 ) was told in court this week (March 11 ) he would not have to face any additional charges of breaching a barring order if his former partner didn turn up in court a third time to give evidence on March 18.

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common denominator with all these is his state of intoxification but he has been sober for the last five months. explained how his client behaviour was because of a acrimonious and difficult break up in relation to access Puma Basket Classic Citi Sneakers

Dolan had also been found with three ecstasy tablets on his person on April 13 on Castlemaine Street after being searched Basket Puma Platform by the garda called to the scene by a taxi driver Dolan had refused to pay.

Basket Puma Platform

to his child but that this had now been resolved.

Basket Puma Platform

"It doesn seem fair to have my client in jail for another week Puma Ignite V2 Men's Running Shoes

Last week, his solicitor, Mr Padraig Quinn, told the court that in the case of the barring order breaches, the injured party had contacted him and voiced her wish to withdraw these charges.

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