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After the apparent demise of the front two as 4 2 3 1 became ubiquitous, the front pairing has enjoyed something of a comeback in recent times as possession at all costs appears to no longer be sacrosanct.

It wasn only Liverpool. Manchester City won the title last season with a 4 4 2 variant that took advantage of two genuine strikers.

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main project is the first team, Van Gaal told reporters. more of a short term thing than the youth Puma Ignite Limitless Footlocker

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In a sense, it poses a problem teams had forgotten how to solve. With ball playing centre backs suddenly faced with two players to mark, weaknesses are exposed rarely more spectacularly than when Gerard Pique and Sergio Ramos failed to deal with Van Gaal team in Brazil.

Van Gaal is not willing to discard the latter option just yet, but he evidently feels he owes it to the players at his disposal to attempt to find a better alternative. other system they can play is 4 3 3 and they have played it for many years. I can change it back if it doesn work, he added.

that's a long term project. The first year or two years we have to separate them. Now, I need all my knowledge to Puma Fenty Shoes White

the quality of the players we have, I can play 4 3 3 with three strikers on the bench, but I want to play with two strikers. We have four number 10s, so the selection is not balanced in my eyes. I have decided to play this system because of the quality of the players. But if we lose, I can change back to another system.

It was a natural enough thing to ask of a man so steeped in the traditions of Ajax and Barcelona. But in both word and deed, the answer Puma Basket Heart White Patent Size 5

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Puma Basket Low

The complaints about the training ground, tour plans and makeup of the squad might all have been excuses in the hands of another see Moyes and his fixture list frustrations of a year ago.

PriorityInstead, the priority ought to be in defence. The exits of Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand leave United with Jonny Evans, Phil Jones and Chris Smalling all of whom started Van Gaal first game in charge.

At United, that decision to play two strikers will be made in conjunction with the knowledge that the roster includes a variety of number 10 options too. As a result, 4 4 2 is impractical and 4 3 3 effectively means playing both Wayne Rooney and Juan Mata out of position.

transfer my philosophy into this selection. shown by his pragmatic decision to abandon the Dutch tradition of 4 3 3 in Brazil, the lesson to learn from Van Gaal work in 2014 is that his priorities can shift. At 62 and having noted what happened to David Moyes, he realises results are the criteria by which he will be judged.

Manchester United's starting line up against Los Angeles Galaxy

now I don have that problem. When you want to change a system, you must start at once. We don have time to prepare for other things.

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Danny Welbeck celebrates his goal

Smalling and Jones, in particular, might be encouraged by the new formation as they would seem obvious fits on the right of a three man defence. However, it a change that also surely necessitates the acquisition of an assured central figure in the mould of Mats Hummels to really make it work.

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introduced a new system and played twice on the training pitch, 11 v 11, said Van Gaal. is not very much, but the boys are willing to pick up the information. When I see my team playing a new system, it is better to win 7 0 than to lose because the players will then doubt the system.

Louis van Gaal directs his players during a training session at Pasadena's Rose Bowl

The freedom afforded Luke Shaw on the left might allow the youngster to better justify his vast fee, while both Rafael and Antonio Valencia might be better served by meeting each other halfway with a job share on the right.

has been swift and emphatic.

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Puma Basket Low

´╗┐Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal has found early success with 3

The first result? A 7 0 thrashing of Los Angeles Galaxy. The formation? A new one for Manchester United but the same 3 5 2 with which he took his country to the semi finals of the World Cup earlier this month. It a credit to his assertiveness and the players ability to adapt to new ideas.

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One of the first questions put to Puma Basket Low Louis van Gaal in his opening press conference as Manchester United manager was whether he would be introducing the same formation and philosophy right through the club youth system.

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Intriguingly given all the talk of midfielders, the success of Nigel de Jong in the role for the Netherlands might suggest a world class figure in the holding position in the centre is not the most critical in this formation particularly with Ander Herrera alongside looking to create.

That an issue that needs addressing, but right now the important thing is that Van Gaal has already shown he is not afraid to confront challenges head on.

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