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The defendant was described as "calm" as he sat on a sofa, spoke and pointed the weapon at them.

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Puma Basket Black Gum

door salesmen originally from Leicester who had been staying in rented accommodation in Norwich while working here.

The jury of eight men and four women heard how the defendant left after about five minutes once the men managed to persuade them they were not from Leicester and after he had shaken Puma Ignite Camo

John Farmer, defending, in cross examination, put it to the witness that, he might have been mistaken in what he heard and it could have been "Don't worry it's not a matter of life or death".

Stanger, 48, of Magdalen Road, Norwich, has gone on trial at Norwich Crown Court after he denied affray and having an article with a blade or point on August 28 last year.

He said: "We heard a bang from the back door area. As we turn to look up the defendant is standing there holding Puma Ignite Evoknit Women

When asked by Mr Sawyer how he felt, he replied "scared, really scared".

But he said the man left after being told that none of them were from Leicester and after shaking hands with one of them which this witness said he found "really strange".

Giving evidence yesterday from behind a screen, one of the alleged victims said four of them were in the lounge eating pizza when the defendant entered.

a machete."

hands with one of them.

He said he felt "really frightened" by the man who uttered something along the lines of 'You're not so funny when your facing death".

He replied: "That's incorrect."

Another witness, also giving evidence from Puma Basket Black Gum behind a screen, said the defendant had a knife, which was about a foot long, when he entered.

Puma Basket Black Gum

The victims who had finished work for the day had ordered pizza and were in the lounge with another man asleep upstairs when the defendant is alleged to have come in and threatened them by telling them they were "looking into the face of death" and were all going to die.

But after insisting they were not "the ones from Leicester" Mr Sawyer said Stanger said "looks like I've got the wrong house then" and left after shaking hands with one of the men.

He said: "He went into make a number of threatening comments to them.

"He said 'Why are you scared? You're looking into the face of death are you scared of death? You're going to die one by one."

Jamie Sawyer, prosecuting, said it was about 10.40pm when there was a "knock at the door at back entrance of property".

Inside were four men, door to Puma Ignite Limitless High Tech

Stuart Stanger is alleged to have entered a property on Magdalen Road, Norwich, through a back door and went through the kitchen and into the house with the weapon.

Puma Basket Black Gum

The witness said the defendant asked if any of them were from Leicester and revealed they all lied.

But the witness said he was sure he was not wrong about what was said.

Puma Basket Black Gum

Puma Basket Black Gum

The victims fled one hiding in bushes near the Artichoke pub and called police who arrested the defendant at a nearby address.

Two of the alleged victims had "darted behind" the witness, who revealed everyone was "petrified".

He said the man, who was carrying a knife or machete, asked them if they were the ones from Leicester.

He said the defendant asked why were they so scared when death was facing them in the eye.

Puma Basket Black Gum

Man with Rambo knife threatened to kill Norwich tenants

Mr Farmer also suggested there was no knife and that they had decided among each other to say there was a knife.

Puma Basket Black Gum

Puma Basket Black Gum

Puma Basket Black Gum

He described the weapon as a Rambo style combat knife or machete about a foot long with a silver blade and black handle.

Mr Sawyer said the victims lied and told him they were not.

Puma Basket Black Gum

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