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he was well he did well. PAR program is a required condition for almost every probation order that comes out of domestic violence court, Peterson said, recommending a lower sentence of 21 days jail.


Generally a breach of probation results in custody, often for 30 days, Gregson advised him.

McCooeye argued that people suffering from addiction and mental health issues are exact people to try to keep out of jail. isn't going to assist in McDonald's rehabilitation and the court should find other remedies, he suggested, pointing out McDonald is doing well today.

As much as he tried, William McDonald was unable to complete a court ordered domestic violence program despite being given two chances.

his medication and being assisted by a psychiatrist, Gregson said she was prepared to agree to a further period of probation.

But since he's now on the methadone program, seems to be motivated, is taking Puma Basket Heart Sizing

Puma Creepers Cream

She placed McDonald on probation for 18 months with conditions that include taking any recommended assessment, counselling and treatment, particularly for substance abuse.

The 29 year old man attended a number of the sessions of the Partner Assault Response (PAR) program, where his participation was reportedly excellent, before again falling into a of relapse, a judge heard Wednesday.

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Prosecutor Dana Peterson said the report indicated McDonald had been extremely motivated and efforts were underway for him to go for treatment in Thunder Bay, before he stopped attending an assessment program.

When he's well, he follows the court order and does well, the judge said. When he relapses, he finds himself in trouble.

charged sober. I've never done anything when I'm sober, he said.

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There was a of hits and misses and follow through, Puma Basket Winterised Puma Black Gum

never been Puma Suede Creepers Men

Puma Creepers Cream

has the double whammy of (drug) addiction and mental heath issues, lawyer Eric McCooeye said at his client's sentencing hearing.

wasn't on my medications. McDonald's difficult background and childhood, Gregson said he has struggled with addiction for a very, very long time.

Puma Creepers Cream

McDonald pleaded guilty at an earlier court appearance to breach of probation for not completing PAR and sentencing was adjourned to Wednesday so that a pre sentence report could be prepared.

Puma Creepers Cream

Puma Creepers Cream

now I'm clean and Puma Creepers Cream sober again. Thank God. said he enjoyed the PAR program when he was there, but unfortunately didn't complete it.

Puma Creepers Cream

Man gets break from judge

Puma Creepers Cream

assistant Crown attorney told Ontario Court Justice Nathalie Gregson.

He is involved in the methadone program and to be motivated for treatment. sick of being sick, McDonald told the judge, asking for a second chance so he can continue to work with his psychiatrist.

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