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´╗┐Manchester United's men have point to prove Basket Heart Puma Price at Everton

exciting seasons ever, which, for a club that has dominated the Premier League in the past, seems strange.

I think we'll see a few of them go out to make a point on Sunday and we saw against Newcastle the other week that, despite a disappointing season, United can still be a very dangerous team.

They're playing for a brilliant football club but how interested are they in staying there and proving to David Moyes they want to be part of the future?

Basket Heart Puma Price

It just goes to show, although head to heads are important, despite all the attention on the big fixtures such as Liverpool v Man City and Everton v Arsenal, shock results against struggling sides can ruin your season.

There's a professional jealousy and pride in all players and managers and you don't want to see your replacement doing better than you, so Moyes will be motivated to get a win at Goodison, especially after losing 1 0 to Everton at Old Trafford.

Moyes: Will be eager to avenge 1 0 home defeat to Roberto Martinez men

Basket Heart Puma Price

Basket Heart Puma Price

If they don't finish in the top four you still have to say it's been a brilliant season for Everton but when you get so far and so close it hurts you if you don't make that final step.

Basket Heart Puma Price

they have navigated past the lesser teams really well.

ProveIf David Moyes is to stay next year, a lot of these players need to play themselves into his thoughts for next season. United are going to be in the market for some big players in the summer and there will be a lot of the current crop Puma Fenty Creepers Price

The problem he has is keeping his United side going, with little left for them to play for this season. After this trip they don't have any big fixtures and they've no involvement in one of the most Puma Ignite Disc Golf

on trial at the moment.

Basket Heart Puma Price

Basket Heart Puma Price

Basket Heart Puma Price

However, when you're having a bad time the last thing you want is for people to look at your old club and say they're doing better than when you were there. That's a kick in the teeth and people are saying Everton are now playing better football under Martinez.

I wouldn't have been alone in expecting City and Everton to win home games with Sunderland and Crystal Palace respectively, but the 2 2 draw at the Etihad and the visitors' 3 2 win at Goodison Park sums up what has been an, at times, unpredictable season.

Basket Heart Puma Price

But a lot of those players are playing for their places now.

I don't know what sort of reception the Manchester United boss will get he got a few boos from Everton fans in the reverse fixture at Old Trafford but I hope it's a good one.

Evertonians feel this is their year and with the football they've played they probably deserve to make the top four but Arsenal aren't going to give it up without a fight, and this week the Londoners have taken the upper hand again.

Basket Heart Puma Price

Moyes did a really good job at Everton. He took the club to another level and brought in some really good players.

Basket Heart Puma Price

They've had some brilliant results of late but the Premier League is like a war of attrition. Boss Roberto Martinez probably hasn't been able to freshen it up as much as he'd like and their resources are being tested now.

ReturnEverton's players will need their fans to get behind them on Sunday to lift them to go again after the disappointment of Wednesday night but with David Moyes returning to his former club there is sure to be a great atmosphere.

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