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Puma Basket Navy Gum

believe I lost consciousness a number of times when I was on the ground, he told Willson during a vigourous cross examination. was in and out of a dream like state, semi conscious. to the Puma Basket Glitter

hospital report, Willson noted that Doan had indicated to hospital staff that he had been jumped by a group of eight people, who punched and kicked him in the head and chest numerous times

He denied Ryan had told him to stop it and to get out of the house, and that they became involved in an obscenity laced, screaming match.

Doan testified that he was kicked and punched by some individuals after Ryan Rocchetta, who grabbed him by the neck and kneed him in the forehead, knocked him unconscious.

Doan retorted that the alleged sexual assault involved the Rocchettas, not him.

The witness said he recalled Fremlin having him by the throat, choking him and my body down a road.

the incident.

Gareau heard Doan, who has launched a civil suit against his assailants, is suing Fremlin for negligence.

Puma Basket Navy Gum

Puma Basket Navy Gum

Puma Basket Navy Gum

The court also heard he suffers from dizziness, vertigo, depression, anxiety, and post traumatic stress disorder.

Willson questioned his assertion that he was assaulted for no reason and suggested that an alleged sexual assault had triggered Basket Puma Ebay

Superior Court Justice Edward Gareau heard that Doan was knocked unconscious in the assault, suffered damage to his eye and ribs, and according to triage report from the Sault Area Hospital emergency department had major head/neck injury.

Doan said Fremlin assaulted him, but agreed Fremlin hasn't been charged in connection with the incident.

Willson showed the court a videotape of a Nov. 10, 2012 basketball game at Sault College, where Doan lead the team in a series of exercises and played in the game, scoring baskets.

Puma Basket Navy Gum

Puma Basket Navy Gum

were violently assaulted? Willson responded. Doan replied.

Puma Basket Navy Gum

Doan agreed that he had stated eight people were involved in the assault.

Ryan Rocchetta and Jordan Rocchetta have pleaded not guilty to aggravated assault in connection with the incident that occurred at a stag and doe at McCarroll Lake.

Doan also rejected Willson's assertion that cottage Puma Basket White Black

wasn't in a fight that night, he insisted.

Puma Basket Navy Gum

The victim of a violent assault that left him blind in one eye insisted Thursday at the Puma Basket Navy Gum trial of two men accused of injuring him that he did not provoke the attack.

owner Vic Fremlin had also told him to leave, and had managed to get through the crowd of people and throw him off his property.

Man left blind in one eye after altercation

Jake Doan repeatedly denied suggestions by defence lawyer Bruce Willson that he had become embroiled in an altercation on July 24, 2011, which he had started, after he refused to leave a party at a cottage east of Sault Ste. Marie.

Puma Basket Navy Gum

Puma Basket Navy Gum

Earlier when he testified, Doan said he had suffered a concussion in the attack, lost the sight in his right eye and was bed ridden for six months.

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