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Sawchuk's lawyer, Todd Parlee, argued for a sentence of six months to Puma Fenty Shoes Burgundy

The woman woke up, realized he was recording her, took the phone, threw it aside and then locked herself in her bathroom. Sawchuk left her home.

Sawchuk and the victim, a woman in her late 20s, were known to each other. He supplied her with drugs and she was a morphine user. In June 2012, she invited him to her home but withdrew her invitation. He went over to her house, found her asleep on her couch, and recorded himself fondling her.

The guilty plea, which would ordinarily be considered a mitigating factor, was diminished by the fact he entered it on the day after the victim testified during his trial.

The cellphone was later discovered by the RCMP during a search of his home during a drug investigation. The RCMP Technological Crime Unit recovered the 11 minute video from the phone. The video had been deleted. Investigators were able to uncover the woman's identity.

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O'Connor asked the court to take Sawchuk's previous conviction for sexual assault into consideration. Sawchuk served four years in prison for the offence.

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According to Cardinal's written decision, the woman did not even know Sawchuk had sexually assaulted her. Cardinal further wrote that although Sawchuk did not penetrate or physically injure the victim, "the video recording of the assault is highly intrusive."

A man who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a female acquaintance and taping the assault using his cellphone will serve 23 months in prison.

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month sentence, less time served, is much lower than what the Puma Basket Ii

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Man sentenced for sex assault filmed on cellphone video

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Judge Inez J. Cardinal sentenced Robert Sawchuk, 55, to 30 months in prison, minus credit for the seven months he has already spent in custody. Cardinal delivered her sentencing decision on Feb. 4. in Tisdale Provincial Court.

Sawchuk will also be banned from owning a Basket Puma Amazon firearm for 10 years, and will have to provide a DNA sample and will be on the national sex offender registry for life.

Crown had requested. Crown prosecutor Lori O'Connor had asked the judge to consider a four year sentence, on the grounds the assault took place in the victim's home while she was asleep.

one year in addition to time served, which would bring his sentence 13 to 19 months long. Parlee argued that Sawchuk's previous sex assault conviction was nearly 30 years ago, and the assault was at the low end of the spectrum.

Cardinal wrote that Sawchuk's moral culpability in the case is high. "He and others must realize that sexual assault is a serious offence, even where there is no penetration and no outward injury to the victim."

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