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Ferreira and other life prisoners had talked about attacking Bridger to make him reveal the whereabouts of April's body, police were told.

Mr Sharp said: "The defendant saw him and walked directly up to him with the blade held between thumb and forefinger.

The child killer also suffered a cut to his arm as he tried to defend himself.

Puma Fenty High Tops

"He does not suggest he was put up to it, but he listened Puma Fenty High Tops to talk within the prison and he was under the impression that if he put the complainant in a state of fear then it was more likely it would achieve closure for the family of his victim," Mr Frieze said.

Puma Fenty High Tops

Puma Fenty High Tops

Ferreira fashioned a weapon out of a prison issue razor with extra blades attached to the handle.

He required more than 30 stitches to the face wound, which required surgery under general anaesthetic. He will be scarred for life.

a moment and looked Bridger directly in the eyes, in Bridger's own words 'as if to admire Puma Suede Creepers Red

The premeditated attack happened three days after Bridger was allowed to associate with other prisoners.

Puma Fenty High Tops

"Convicted murderers cannot appoint themselves as unpaid investigators of another crime, no matter how serious. They plainly cannot do that by themselves committing violent crime to do so."

Convicted murderer and rapist Juvinal Ferreira, 24, attacked Bridger with a knife fashioned out of a razor at the top security Wakefield Prison, West Yorkshire, in July.

Mr Justice Coulson, who sentenced Ferreira over a videolink, said the motive for the attack was no mitigation.

He was sentenced Pumas Basket Club

He arrived in the UK in 2007 with his mother and the following April he raped and murdered 47 year old Elaine Walpole in Dereham, Norfolk, after befriending her.

murder victim Elaine Walpole, found dead in her flat in Dereham on April 29. Elaine Maslin

Puma Fenty High Tops

Ferreira, who was born in Guinea and grew up in Gambia, previously admitted wounding with intent.

"He then slashed him down the face, causing a deep wound extending from temple to chin.

Puma Fenty High Tops

his work or show me who it was'."

"He paused for Puma Creepers Rihanna Pink

to a second life sentence at Leeds Crown Court and had five years added to his minimum term, meaning he will not be released before 2036.

Puma Fenty High Tops

Puma Fenty High Tops

Jonathan Sharp, prosecuting, said: "He said that Bridger's crime had been discussed, and he claimed people had suggested that if Bridger was attacked, rather than say befriended, Bridger would then be more likely to reveal where April Jones's body was."

Man convicted for murder of Norfolk woman given another life sentence for prison attack on child killer Mark Bridger

Robin Frieze, defending, said Ferreira did not attack Bridger to enhance his own status in prison, for reward or because he was incited to do it.

Puma Fenty High Tops

Puma Fenty High Tops

Puma Fenty High Tops

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